Website Goals

  1. Repair the dota community
  2. make a vocabulary list for the dota community
  3. make it easier to get into the game
  4. get people to understand that theres more to the game then winning or killing
  5. get myself and others into fantasy and sci fi books
  6. get christians into fantasy and science and dota
  7. get people into idea creation
  8. get people to make their own content for dota and other media outlets
  9. create art for dota and aang and full metal alchemist communities
  10. make more money from my interests
  11. make a steady amount of fans for my interests
  12. to have my own personal editor to make any spell or content possible with any hero or item and let my imagination run loose and display it on wordpress instead of in Dota. and have it be made so an idiot can make any kind of spell possible even interrupting animation
  13. To have an editor to make any kind comic or fan made movie where anything can happen in a simplistic way.
  14. To give my pruning of clay website to my pastor, Reverend Dave Park