There are a few things that I want out of life right now. I am not sure how to obtain most of them. And no one is giving me proper guidance on how to achieve things.

  1. Decent driving ability
  2. have Dota world develop into a cosm similar to the my little pony world or what Aang’s world is developing into
  3. a car
  4. a wife
  5. kids who grow up into adults that get the job they want and to want a normal career and never work for a convenient store
  6. my own apartment in Howard County ~ I don’t want to live with my mother anymore
  7. Make characters and other content for DOTA professionally, work on StarCraft sequels professionally work on other MOBAs professionally
  8. make money and fans and support for my websites
  9. color pencils
  10. Decent art ability
  11. to practice archery and billiards
  12. a billiards hall, archery field and computer cafe in Ellicott City
  13. Proper guidance