Top 19 Prayer List 2022

  1. To have a maryland stormgate and dota tournament that is taken serious and just played for brownie points and not to win anything and not to have fights break out or anything. and just play over youtube and twitch or play in the international and play so we always have a spot in the international
  2. i want to win with my friends but don’t know who to pick theres joe park, josh ahn, kellan banks, ennie, mike lin, kyle miner, steven kim, aaron leighton, nick morrison, chris morrison, mike alba, martin and his brother Erick, harrison tu, gus, and some i forgot
  3. I don’t know enough about these people to play with them professionally
  4. to get a wife who wants a comfortable and supportive relationship
  5. To raise self sufficient grateful children who act the right age at the right time and not be symbiotic like me and my mother
  6. get to have supportive and loving friends
  7. to start healthy routines
  8. talk to the right person to get my name changed
  9. to get content implemented and have it make sense into the games i care about
  10. to make more legal money so i can spend on what i want to spend on
  11. for dota and stormgate fans to be proud of my ideas
  12. that my prayer life would improve
  13. for me to figure out how to treat and be treated by other people
  14. for people to be more grateful for the sacrifices i make in their lives
  15. for me to learn coding responsibly with micah
  16. to find studying comfortable
  17. to find reading comfortable
  18. to overcome project anxiety and stop destroying my hardwork
  19. That people will stop hating on new ideas and try to see where the idea is coming from and it’s purpose