Dealing with Professionals

I actually like these people. I just wish they would not hate on my video games and would ask me how my video game playing is going. I feel I would answer I don’t know how to talk about it but there nice people I just don’t like pill intake. I like the injection its once a month and I don’t have to remember it constantly. but pills are too constant and have no way to remember it. I drink cranberry juice because it burned when i drink it when i was eleven. The only ones who can’t play Dota is fireman because there is a law that you cannot leave a match. And fireman have to leave Dota for a real match. I don’t even know why a session of a video game is called a match. another problem with the game is Drow ranger She is my most played hero and this black woman makes you weaker the longer you player at least in real life. I am remembered for playing the ant and he makes you creative. he is my third most played hero. I also play lyralei she is my second most played hero and i don’t know what she does to you. I don’t know anything about her and i played her around 200 times. I have been playing dota since 2004 and dota 2 since 2010. Even though i have been playing so long i haven’t played a lot and know nothing about the game. I liked Dr’s and Others when they got to know people. It’s a crisis right now they’re making people paranoid. They should just do what the hearing doctor did to me when he found out i was blasting music from napster. he made me feel comfortable to be alone