Prayer about Direction

Hi, today I want to talk about a few prayers I have…

One the direction I want to have for my website

Before, I managed the site around my Christian life and series I read known as codex alera and the Malazan empire books

Malazan empire is about a soldier named Ganoes and Codex Alera is about a student named Tavi

I featured other books also but these two were the main two besides the bible. I deleted my old site for some reason but i have nothing planned for this new update

With the old pruningofclay I mostly complained about my prayer life with the new pruningofclay I don’t know what to focus on I barely remember what I put on the old version

I had grand plans for this new website but I don’t feel like reading anything right now… I know how to get myself out of this bubble I just don’t feel like it


About managing my other websites breakingkinetics, tidesofdreams, wingbywing, and this website calzine