Desire to have a New Name

I want a new name…I like Wroohk but it needs a ending and middle syllable. I designed Wroohkai but i don’t like Kai because it means slow. I designed it by combining the three words Book, Rook, and Writing. And the meanings Archery, Receptive, Straight, Delivery and Message.. Wroohkhos sounds nice but i dont know what it means. have to do research. and Wrooks is short for Wroohk?????. Its made using wordparts similar to how medical and scientific terminology is made using word parts. I don”t know why korean women use acronyms to make words thats unprofessional thats just for students. I use three things to make my name The dota 2 website, the american heritage dictionary, and sherrilyn kenyon’s naming source book

I have gone through like a hundred names since 1996. I want to change my name to blood archer. I just like getting along with people when my name was scarlet blades i got along with people i just don’t value blades.