Medication and Pollen

Plants communicate through the air. They are sensitive to spores, temperature and light. Spores are something they release in the air that travels based on air currents. Pollen is the spores and when an area is pollinated all the other flowers learn to be on the same page. 

I learned that in biology. Ehm, yea My problem right now is people say I smell when I take three showers sometimes. I don’t know if it’s because of my lifestyle in high school or because I wore cologne when I was twenty-one years of age. 

That cologne time was interesting. At that time, I stopped taking care of myself, started being a mental patient and started exploring books. 

Being a mental patient, I feel like I have no one backing me up and no one wants to see me excel in life. My mom tries to get me to take a shower, but I am already doing that. I feel it’s the medication that makes me smell makes anything from my body smell also.