Liberty: Dictionary Definition

Today, on Friday the 15th 2022, I was reading the American Heritage dictionary today to look for a new name other than Wrooks. I wanted to give this musing to Dr Bruno but didn’t want to give him trouble. Since 2006 I do research before I choose a gamer handle. (Handle is a name you go by in a video game. I only know one person who went by his actual name and that is my friend Nick Morrison) In case they want me to be a pro-player for DOTA because I have a chipped tooth. I need a name that represents Ice or Fire or Water or Smoke so I can continually wear a mask and say I use to be a Mortal Kombat fan but now imma a DOTA fan… I still like Scorpions swag, Subzeros frost, and Lui Kang’s Kicks.. but DOTA and Aang’s family earned my faith.

My friend tries to get me into Hilda and MLP but I never really got into that and neither did my little cousin.

Anyway, while I was looking, I came across the word Liberty it says that this word means a lot of things but the first definition means to be free from the condition of confinement, servitude, and forced labor. Our country backs up Liberty in the constitution but they don’t police doctors for not checking if people are actually sick. I don’t even know if you can even stay in the hospital if you can’t be confined anywhere.

Do children have rights? Because that means your parents cannot confine you either. Maybe I’m taking this too far.

I agreed to be a mental patient because I needed money in 2008. And they confined me anytime my mother made a fuss about my behavior. Between 2 weeks and a year each time. There are no calendars or computers, so I have no idea how to keep track of time in those buildings. I don’t know how many times I was confined. The last time I went willingly because I didn’t like what the voices were saying, and I was being medicated wrong so I felt suicidal at the same time. This was back in 2019 right before COVID.

I am fine now but it’s COVID and during the EBOLA scare I just wanted to work. So, I worked at Walgreens.

And the Psychiatry Professor teaches some off-the-wall stuff. They teach that we’re all the main characters in a Beautiful Mind. I don’t argue with teachers anymore I stopped doing that back in high school when I had a philosophy or psychiatry teacher as an earth and space science teacher.

I don’t know what to expect. Actually Doctors allow you to do anything you want while confined but hurt another patient. The only mandatory thing is they force you to go to meetings and see a psychiatrist. They even allow you to eat whatever you want.

I just don’t want it to get worse. This country is bad at keeping things through the ages.

And the needle people do their job perfectly at the hospital. It’s some of the clinics outside of the hospital where they’re inaccurate.

I don’t feel like looking up these words right now.

Before I became a mental patient, I read On Writing by Stephen King and I joked with a doctor about reading that book and playing StarCraft. Because King made me see that game in a new light. I thought it was ridiculous that my mother brought me to the Hospital because I took some Peroxide Orally because I can’t afford Pepto Bismol from the convenience store.

And my has a problem

She put me in the hospital for crying for three days after watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 before COVID. She doesn’t understand that she raised me alone without a father.

And I don’t know what to do about Liberty as a rule in our country. Really bad people need to be punished and really lazy people will want to stay in jail or the Hospital.

And I told Rick the same thing in his Ethics Class one soldier cannot fight a ton of people. You’ll run out of bullets, med packs, and energy. You can hide but you’ll die.

I don’t know why I learned that lesson from playing Marine Special Forces in 1998. That game you and like 6 other people faced off against so many Zerg that in real life you die but you always won the game. and I was playing Racoon City also which was a more fun game because it was a better version of that mobile game state of survival.

In Racoon city you just collected civilians like 1000 of them and you still lost the game. You had to defend the city against Protoss and Zerg. And you could buy soldiers to work for your squad. And you had to unlock different types of soldiers for every squad. Your squad was a team with the rest of the humans. The tanks protected you from incoming waves instead of killing things. They acted like cars in real life. Stood still and let.

I am just glad they don’t force me to have sex or lift anything heavy. I don’t like those two things. I keep putting my back out from lifting water bottles because I like drinking water from water bottles. And even put my back out right before COVID by being in an accident.

I like sex I just don’t feel like having it right now. I like pleasing myself.