Worldbuilding Specialist

This diagram encompasses every idea related to a project: Heart, Combat, Environment, Communication, Visuals and Physics. Those are the six pieces of the puzzle. This is the first diagram i have created.

Lets start with physics, Physics is the rules, laws, and how the environment, characters and structures function in the project. It’s contains the animation and functionality of user input also.

Combat is how the characters interact with each other with and without user input. It’s the expression of Artificial Intelligence Input and expression of the User input.

Environment is the locations and places in the project. It’s the area created for the characters and users to explore.

Communication encompasses the news, updates, programming code, UX Design, story, voice lines and music. It encompasses how the player interacts with the system with their tool and body part.

Visual is everything that uses the eye and news outlets.

Heart is the player and the developer giving their best and presentable parts of the project.