I forget things. Before we were Christians, Pastor Soo and my other friends invited me to masturbate over his house and when we became Christian I masturbated while he was asleep and felt bad i did that. I promised God I would tell him I was evil and never told him. Don’t remember if i told him but I remember now that God had already fulfilled that promise in the past. I thought I was cursed for a couple years then I forgot and watched documenters like my teacher said and saw a documentary that made me feel cursed again. that’s why I posted that peter scripture because it says that God saves Christians and doesn’t curse them. then i felt better again I just feel society is cursed right now. It’s even worse because medical staff only backs up medical staff. teachers back up medical staff and teachers. chefs back up chefs. but no one backs up everyone. we all back up our own goals. when everyone cant have the same jobs.