Apology Letter to Pruningofclay

I want to apologize for the usage of entities, time, creation, and products in my area. Creation is beautiful. Rain and animals feed the soil. The horse let us ride them. Fish let us eat them. Trees let us separate them from the earth so our buildings can be maintained. Creation lets us mold it into products like chairs and computers. Fire and heat warm our food. Frost keeps food edible. Water keeps us cool.

            I am a part of creation I am not God. The bible says I am a lowercase god because we can build things and do things animals cannot. But I don’t respect myself in the beauty or self-care department. I don’t take breaks adequately, and I don’t know how to establish a routine and make and break the right habits at the right time. I don’t know how to take a break from stopping habits. I don’t know how to respect being awake correctly. I step on myself for some reason.

            I want to apologize to my family. The family is so big that it’s nearly impossible to have time for all of them. We have Marvin’s side, we have Earl’s side, we have Alaina’s side, we have David’s side, Sharon’s Side. We have Dianne’s, Jeffrey’s, and Angela’s, and I don’t know everyone else. I wish I had been interested in my family as a child more. I only saw Angela and Robert on the weekend. And I want to apologize for still not reading the dictionary. I only saw Marvin and Earl’s Side during the Holiday.

            I want to apologize to my church for not getting to know the teenagers, children, and preteens. It’s just that they’re Asian and I’m Black or Latino so I have no idea how to relate to them. I feel alienated from the younger group. I want to apologize for going to another church after the congregation kicked me out. Pastor Park never kicked me out his congregation kicked me out. After I went to CCC in 2014 I felt lonely at work and church.

            I want to apologize to my friends for forgetting about them so much. When I have a job or occupation. I completely forget about the outside world. Back in 2013, I deleted Facebook and my clay website when I acquired a job at Walgreens. I want to apologize to all my friends. For not introducing them to the full world that I was exploring. I was exploring my ideas about the world and completely forgot about everything. I was making started games and forgot to include people in my life to compete for fans. I also want to apologize for being only interested in backyard sports.

            I want to apologize to the communities I am a part of like the Dota and Starcraft communities. I think of aspects of human creation animal care and human care like an assignment or Menu. Even hair I think of like a menu. I see each strand or group of strands as an option to cut, wet, or grow. I have been making websites and video games and animations since 1998 so that is why everything looks like a menu or pizza creation. I just used simple tools like Staredit, RPG maker, and free websites. And I left the RPG Maker Community and Starcraft Community for DOTA but I am returning and I am thinking about leaving the DOTA Community.

            I want to apologize for the communication. I am now just seeing Communication or what is said as options. I don’t know why I think that what I explain is the first concept that comes to mind. I just don’t want to argue because that is how you end a relationship. It would be better, to be honest with the person and say I want to end the relationship.

            I want to apologize to my computer. I rarely clean it or clean it the wrong way.            

I want to apologize to my fans, for not organizing this site enough, that’s what I am doing organizing this site. I am thinking about making it about literature instead of Christianity. this time