I will just braindump for an hour, and I will see how much i achieve. I need to work on expanding my understanding of Grammar. I know the mere basics which is Subject plus verb.

I am thinking of not doing this anymore, just thinking about programming for four hours once a week, digital painting for four hours once a week, and writing four four hours once a week. I need a fourth task.

Thinking about getting crabmeat to eat this friday. I know i can’t afford it but i am hoping it heals my nausea.

The only concept i remember from the design of everyday things is that doors are made wrong on this planet.

There is so much to art, there is 3d software modeling, digital painting, sketching, color pencil art so much to think about. I finish my art idea in one minute badly drawn. I need to figure out how to invest in it even more. Like an hour’s worth of time. Four hours worth of time.

English likes to make fun of children for some reason. When you break Celebrate down into its basic parts it come out to mean cartoon and spoiled brat. If the language speaker puts it into coherent thought it means to imitate a spoiled brat’s cartoon.

I have a strong desire to talk while typing.

I achieved one hundred and thirteen words in an hour. and i cut down by 80% afterwards

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