Entry #1

So the plan i came up with after writing since 3pm eastern. Write for an hour and read over what i wrote an hour after instead of the day after like steven erikson put on his facebook page. An hour later i catch more errors for some reason.

I will write four hours from 1 pm to 4 pm on monday teusday friday and saturday and possibly sunday. I wanted to do eight hours but im taking five classes and thats not possible this upcoming semester.

the old idea from back in 2008. The old idea is a war between magic and science in a school that trains prophets. The prophecy school was ruined by sword of truth because it wasn’t creative enough, a normal magical school with harry potter over powered richard and warren’s school.

The new idea since 2012, a war between magic and science with books that create anything you write in them into the real world. They have a glyph that you activate on the cover to transform the words in the book into reality.

I wrote 700 words and downsized to

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