Terraformed In training

We have like four or five objectives as humans

1. To increase life expectancy without overpopulation

It takes 26,000 years to develop a moon for Venus and mars during the construction phase and a google times those many years to create a Luna ratio moon for Saturn and Jupiter

A sizeable moon is just one ingredient to turn Venus and mars blue

We also have to learn to live and evacuate colonies with harsh conditions the middle phase of turning Venus blue is crashing a giant planet into Venus so that it spins around adequately and we still have to learn to make it volcanic and blue at will

Other objectives include figuring out how to get moons like Europa and titan in the inner planetary area of the sector and figuring out how to have a decent colony on Uranus and Pluto

I say evacuate colonies because of places like mars and Venus we can live on until a sizable moon or two is developed orbiting the planets

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