Well I had high hopes of bringing a staple amount of books to the college library today. And what happened , I tripped over the steps and the bag split open. So now i have to figure out how to carry all of it.

I don’t know why i even carry all these books. I have no hope of reading them all. and i have to remember to fill out the information by 5 pm today. I don’t know which book to read first actually.

I don’t know how to spend time with my books and this is why i started this part of my website dedicated to saying how i spent time with my books.

The book infront of me is the well crafted sentence by Nora Bacon

Right now, i am just rereading the paragraph on the writing process. I plan on rereading that over and over again. To see if i become patient with reading again.

The first sentence is about summarizing the writer’s life. The next sentence leads into the writer’s life with examples about writing. The second sentence gives two examples both opposing ideas: Writing alone and writing in teams. The third sentence goes into two examples also of two opposing ideas also. One about writing slow and the other about writing quickly. Bacon shows that some manuscripts take her one draft and other manuscripts take her ten drafts. She wraps up with a statement about the writing process being unexpected. She shows that she is the master of opposing ideas by continuing her wrapping up with back and forth. and list activities that take up the writing process. She concludes in the final sentence with the thought of that “No path is ideal”
The first paragraph is about the frustrations of a writer’s life in all its colors. Meanwhile the second paragraph is focused on what a writer wants to say in their final draft. She talks about two things in the second paragraph: meaning and arrangement. I just don’t know how they are opposites. Then she talks about other practices to improve writing. And then i realize i have a problem that other writers don’t have is that i don’t forget what i wanted to say when i reread something i wrote. Each sentence connects ideas that showcase the practices of writing.

The final paragraph is how to use the book.

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