Fears and Doubts

One of the main difficulties i have is breaking things down into parts. That is by far one of the hardest things I need to accomplish for myself this decade at some point. I don’t even know where to begin to break tasks down into parts.

Once i make it manageable if its not easy I don’t want to continue doing it if its too comprehensive for some odd reason. It’s not laziness its fear of wasting my time and fear of making a mistake.

Also If i cannot get it done in one day. I get annoyed with it. Actually it might be 15 minutes. Even with drawing its like that. I can draw a simple drawing in two minutes but i feel like i wasted my time if it doesn’t take 15 minutes. So, if its longer or shorter than ten or fifteen minutes i feel like i wasted my time and most tasks take a couple days.

Some tasks I don’t care how long it takes like playing a video game or writing a paper. But most tasks I need to feel like its worth my time.

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