The purpose of this site is to communicate with pastor park about how i want my life improved so I won’t bug him so much and let him live his own life and I live my own life. I think he designed his own life pretty well so I want help designing my own life. I have 40 more years to live i want to make the most of it. Since i wasted 40 years getting a poor education and being a patient… I say this because you’re a pastor but I want to live for eternity since so many years have been wasted by teachers, doctors and store managers

New Name

I want a new name…I like Wroohk but it needs a ending and middle syllable. I designed Wroohkai but i don’t like Kai because it means slow. I designed it by combining the three words Book, Rook, and Writing. And the meanings Archery, Receptive, Straight, Delivery and Message.. Wroohkhos sounds nice but i dont know what it means. have to do research. and Wrooks is short for Wroohk?????. Its made using wordparts similar to how medical and scientific terminology is made using word parts. I don”t know why korean women use acronyms to make words thats unprofessional thats just for students. I use three things to make my name The dota 2 website, the american heritage dictionary, and sherrilyn kenyon’s naming source book


Steps I have taken

  1. Enrolling In college
  2. Getting a job at pizza hut, crafts plus., mars supermarket, and Walgreens.
  3. Designing websites

Websites I want you to know about

  6. ~ website about what i want the school to do about my life
  7. i have around 20 websites but I don’t think you need to know about them all for right now

What I need right now

  1. New Computer or two
  2. New furniture
  3. Reduce 75% of my book collection
  4. decide on a fashion statement for myself
  5. develop a vocabulary of my own
  6. have energy to work on website, art practice, writing practice, reading practice everyday
  7. i have prediabetes so i need to start drinking water everyday
  8. pray and read the bible everyday
  9. play dota everyday
  10. stop masturbating everyday… once every 2 weeks ok
  11. start using both my hands for everything like danny said
  12. get to know notail and will smith public videos
  13. a new bible

Things I want

  1. Decent driving ability
  2. have Dota world develop into a cosm similar to the my little pony world or what Aang’s world is developing into
  3. a car
  4. a wife
  5. kids who grow up into adults that get the job they want and to want a normal career and never work for a convenient store
  6. my own apartment in Howard County ~ I don’t want to live with my mother anymore
  7. Make characters and other content for DOTA professionally, work on StarCraft sequels professionally work on other MOBAs professionally
  8. make money and fans and support for my websites
  9. color pencils
  10. Decent art ability
  11. to practice archery and billiards
  12. a billiards hall, archery field and computer cafe in ellicott city

Things I find difficult that i want to be easy

  1. The art program Blender
  2. Switches and Variables in rpgmaker
  3. Algorithms
  4. making decent digital art
  5. sketching, reading books and pray daily
  6. color pencil art
  7. patience
  8. billiards

Things I hate

  1. Medication
  2. Exercise

Things I use to aspire to or aspire to now

  1. pilot
  2. American soldier
  3. fireman
  4. dental hygienist
  5. online comic artist
  6. novelist
  7. game developer
  8. video game combat developer
  9. astronomer
  10. astronaut
  11. astrophyscist
  12. etymologist
  13. statistician for dota
  14. video game combat developer
  15. Storyboard artist (the one who creates the story board not the one who makes the noises and presents it)
  16. dota website owner
  17. Moba content creator
  18. Aerospace Engineer
  19. Archaeologist
  20. Automotive Engineer
  21. Editor
  22. Film Editor
  23. Illustrator
  24. Interviewer
  25. College Librarian
  26. Optometrist
  27. Screenwriter
  28. Set Designer
  29. Toy Designer for Hologram Stadiums
  30. Moon Designer
  31. Word Processor Specialist
  32. web developer i just have to learn algorithms


  1. Taking notes is easy
  2. doing assignments is difficult and i feel intense stress and fatigue
  3. rereading notes is difficult hard to understand what i wrote down and i forget to read it
  4. want to take five classes while maintaining my 20 websites and get all As and Bs
  5. showing up to class is easy

Career Issues

  1. show up to work late after the first year

Things I am trying to do with my websites

  1. Repair the dota community
  2. make a vocabulary list for the dota community
  3. make it easier to get into the game
  4. get people to understand that theres more to the game then winning or killing
  5. get myself and others into fantasy and sci fi books
  6. get christians into fantasy and science and dota
  7. get people into idea creation
  8. get people to make their own content for dota and other media outlets
  9. create art for dota and aang and full metal alchemist communities

Things I want to escape

I was made a mental patient at 21 years old. I accepted it because i needed to get paid but things are more expensive now and my paycheck didn’t go up and people stopped talking to me once they found out i was a mental patient. and my jobs dont give me enough money…the bosses dont get paid enough to pay me a real wage for my age. cant even afford college.

WordPress problems

1. Can’t afford what I need to make a better site

2. Some features were better in the past like the submenu section in the past

My Problem with adapting

1. I become dependent again Soo’s parents prepared me for life just not for school and after I lived with my mother again after six years with Soo’s parents I became dependent and forgot how to cook and do things for myself I was even driving myself me and the college students car pooled the first four years of my college career

2. After I make a mistake I continue to make mistakes except I am running into a new problem my mother can’t afford to buy me a car so I’m forgetting how to park and switch lanes

Sleeping Problems

1. I have intervals where I stay up all night for a couple years and intervals where I wake up at 3 am for a couple years right now my schedule is random

My Money Plans Ten years ago

1. Next year or in 2024 will be ten years since I asked to make 1 followed by 27 zeroes and now I’m asked for joe to make 1 followed by 800 zeros… I just lost track of time and never learned to count 27 zeros so much happened I over slept the entire day when I got the job at Walgreens and they had a mold problem that caused me to lose focus and I planned for my money to fund websites correctly and fund sending dictionaries to peoples homes but I want word part dictionaries given to peoples homes I just want to check with Rick first if I get the money and pay a decent artist to do art for my comic. It’s just that I couldn’t get Matt to read the document with me and now I can’t find it

How Poor I Am

I only make $900 a month and pay $200 for rent and $300 for a phone bill a month

And it cost $900 to have 3 meals a day for one month atleast in Maryland for one person

This scripture made me feel slightly repaired after the past 20 years

 Peter 1:3-7New International Version

Praise to God for a Living Hope

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!(A) In his great mercy(B) he has given us new birth(C)into a living hope(D) through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,(E) and into an inheritance(F)that can never perish, spoil or fade.(G)This inheritance is kept in heaven for you,(H) who through faith are shielded by God’s power(I) until the coming of the salvation(J) that is ready to be revealed(K) in the last time. In all this you greatly rejoice,(L) though now for a little while(M) you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.(N) These have come so that the proven genuineness(O) of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire(P)—may result in praise, glory and honor(Q) when Jesus Christ is revealed.(R)

What I liked

That Christian’s can’t be tainted after the history channel show and being possessed by a good spirit and other stuff I feel slightly better

My mom has been posting words of affirmation

Since my grandfathers death she has been typing on the cell phone in group messages, she started with 3 months once out of each month then she went to more frequently I just don’t know how to be consistently frequent

Possible New Name

I have gone through like a hundred names since 1996. I want to change my name to blood archer. I just like getting along with people when my name was scarlet blades i got along with people i just don’t value blades.

Remembering Making a Staredit Map Alone

in high school or middle school I made a staredit map alone until i stayed with Pastor Soo. Once i stayed with him I just played whatever he wanted to play and watched jackie chan videos and korean videos. I wanted my mother to come over to watch with us but she never did that. Robin told me she had a nervous breakdown after me and robin got taken away from her when she tried to choke robin. I had to save robin from being choked. and the cops places me in soos home and soos family would kick me out after two weeks. and accept me back after some time.. I couldn’t go to robins fathers house because roberts new wife didn’t like me for some reason. and I didn’t think of talking about ms angela or my uncle austin to the police.

After the Twin Towers Fell

I stopped wanting things after that day I hooked people up for some reason and don’t remember why but I stopped wanting to do anything. So I slept in classes like i did in middle school and argued with teaches for trying to wake me up.

Or maybe it was just Mr highs class I don’t remember exactly.

During COVID i just started talking to much it was just bad timing. Im talking because I think i messed up my life by being silent my entire life. and not planning it out at all and just trying to play games all day in college and try my best to get good grades at the same time.

About Pelconne

I like the word and its the first word I created outside of dota i just dont want people saying conpel because it sounds like con pow chicken. and i already call Pastor Soos father katsu.


I got to fix my visual apppearance and my personality. Even fish have good visually. and they’re good on the inside. Fish show you how to be on a team. It requires you to cut yourself and only needs small amount to cut with more than one person

Im an idiot

I forget things. Before we were Christians, Pastor Soo and my other friends invited me to masturbate over his house and when we became Christian I masturbated while he was asleep and felt bad i did that. I promised God I would tell him I was evil and never told him. Don’t remember if i told him but I remember now that God had already fulfilled that promise in the past. I thought I was cursed for a couple years then I forgot and watched documenters like my teacher said and saw a documentary that made me feel cursed again. that’s why I posted that peter scripture because it says that God saves Christians and doesn’t curse them. then i felt better again I just feel society is cursed right now. It’s even worse because medical staff only backs up medical staff. teachers back up medical staff and teachers. chefs back up chefs. but no one backs up everyone. we all back up our own goals. when everyone cant have the same jobs.

I actually like doctors policeman and fireman

I actually like these people. I just wish they would not hate on my video games and would ask me how my video game playing is going. I feel I would answer I don’t know how to talk about it but there nice people I just don’t like pill intake. I like the injection its once a month and I don’t have to remember it constantly. but pills are too constant and have no way to remember it. I drink cranberry juice because it burned when i drink it when i was eleven. The only ones who can’t play Dota is fireman because there is a law that you cannot leave a match. And fireman have to leave Dota for a real match. I don’t even know why a session of a video game is called a match. another problem with the game is Drow ranger She is my most played hero and this black woman makes you weaker the longer you player at least in real life. I am remembered for playing the ant and he makes you creative. he is my third most played hero. I also play lyralei she is my second most played hero and i don’t know what she does to you. I don’t know anything about her and i played her around 200 times. I have been playing dota since 2004 and dota 2 since 2010. Even though i have been playing so long i haven’t played a lot and know nothing about the game. I liked Dr’s and Others when they got to know people. It’s a crisis right now they’re making people paranoid. They should just do what the hearing doctor did to me when he found out i was blasting music from napster. he made me feel comfortable to be alone

People need to stop hooking up people

we would stop having gay people and women problems if society would stop having people hook up people and having romance movies.

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