Designing Our Nebula

I have ideas about the universe, normal ideas that don’t break science, but they will improve it. It’s just that it’s a new science and I must theorycraft on time limits. There is only one idea I don’t believe in and that is the goldilocks zone. I already informed others over the past ten years, but I don’t know what they did with the information. In truth, it is too early for this idea, and I don’t know who to tell. I had other ideas, but I forgot them. So, what I have in the paper is what is presented. Thank you for your time.

I kept it one page because most people nowadays don’t like reading or anything. I am scared to go to outer space, but I have ideas for customizing it. I would like for earth to develop moons for Mars, Venus, and Saturn. In the ratio of Earth and Luna. I think this will make those planets green and Saturn being green will solve overpopulation problems. I also want ceres and titan to be relocated, if possible, to the inner solar system. It can fit neatly between mars and earth and ceres can revolve around mercury. Lastly, put machines around the sun to keep it from expanding or going out. The other problem is rotation. How to influence rotation without causing havoc. It’s like we would need to put a sizeable computer at the center of the moons, and we would need to keep the machines from overheating.

Keeping this idea alive is what I’m having trouble envisioning. I have no idea how to keep this idea alive for 36000 years is my estimation of how long it would take to make a sizeable moon for Saturn. It would take less time for Mars and Venus. I want to make a video game and online comic, but they are boring.

I don’t believe in the goldilocks zone if the earth had no sizable moon influencing its tides, I would agree that the earth would need to be in the goldilocks zone. But losing the moon will just slow down the earth’s rotation. I have already taken earth and space science in high school, and I took seriously what Mr. High said: I have spent the last decade reading fantasy, and sci novels attending classes, working at stores and watching documentaries. Sci-fi novels are strange. Hyperion has a jellyfish flying in the sky in the last book. I barely remember anything from those materials, it taught me how to make myself stay awake in the past but I’m having trouble staying awake again. I stopped watching television after Korra showed on television because I bought the series. I want to talk to Steven Erikson about this stuff, but I forget to talk to him because I’m busy taking classes. But he’s departing from fantasy and is developing a sci-fi series.

I have already informed my older sister, Nellie. I have no idea who she told. She develops tools for the US Government… And I and my friend Micah talked about this in 2013 over the internet. He was supposed to develop a game around it by now, but he forgot, and we probably must study physics for 60 years. I should talk to eve online about this, but I don’t feel like being involved with that video game and probably don’t have the computer specs to handle the game. Also, they develop real physics for their game and there is no physics for what I’m theorycrafting.

We would need to develop moons without crashing them into the earth or occupied space. Another idea I had was revolving two planets around a single moon at their center. It’s the wrong time for this idea. Because we think in the short term as humans, we tried to develop outer space ideas in 100 years, and it should take longer than that. Outer space is so big that I find it ridiculous if we were the Xel Naga we would have the ability to create creatures for more than Googleplex Millennia.

I had one last idea, but I forgot it. That’s my problem. I get so many ideas that ideas hike from my mind. Also, we should do what our ancestors do and count with feathers instead of fingers. Fingers go to ten, but feathers go unnumberable and I only know this from playing dazzle I have no idea if it’s true. And dazzle is created wrong he should be an animal maker and a terrain modifier in Dota, and dazzle should teach last hitting and other ideas with economics.

Before I go, I want to explain some bad ideas. Those ideas are that black holes can be destroyed. To destroy a black hole you need to have a machine power an entire galaxy using the blackhole. While this is happening you need another machine that will deliver materials and make repairs with a human mechanic. After centuries mechanics will see the blackhole as a giant star. After their eyes get use to the star they will try to destroy it. Or having a giant machine control whatever is at the center of the universe with the same result.

                Thank you for reading this. It was quite an adventure to write this. I have fun writing anything I just don’t know how to fill up the paper with words. I am supposed to be writing a 90,000 word story or outline for the publishers but I don’t know how to get it to be that long.  I am at 30,000 words now. I developed a fantasy story because that’s what I spent the last ten years reading. Most fantasy and sci-fi is built on science but I don’t know any science. Harry Potter is probably the only fantasy story not built on science. Some nurse told me Sanderson’s books are built off Eye color racism I forgot what Sanderson told me.  I want to be a game developer and shouldn’t develop comics and novels to be honest. I only get 80 years on this planet.

Ideas related to blackholes. Andromeda has a society that is trying to break apart and piece together a black hole. One day I wanted Milky way to power the galaxy through it’s blackhole. 

Pull titan to the inner solar system.

Ideas the astronauts can make into video games. I only want the astronauts making this game, but Kratos followed by five healers and Kratos doing all the fighting and the only AI on the human team. It’s just an updated version of marine special forces combined with Code Red and Racoon City the three maps from Starcraft 1. an astronomy MOBA. I forget all the other ideas. I wanted them to make the theme about something random and make up the mythology for American history but they’re a space industry. A game where you must export trash to outer space and deliver it to the right planet. A game like Dota but for astronomy. I want a game about terraforming earth and another about terraforming the universe

I don’t like reading. I have spent the past twelve years trying to figure out how to make reading fun. I read everything from fantasy to the military to science fiction. I spent the last four years reading a lot of StarCraft books, Hyperion and Endymion books, Ender’s books, and Robert J Sawyer’s six books on the WWW series. The only books I didn’t read is the Ender books where he went to space because he talks in Portuguese and I don’t feel like learning another language just to talk about police officers and psychiatrists. I like police officers I just don’t like associating with them. Because they don’t appear in any of the futuristic books I list. Theres rumors of new science fiction books being written by brandon sanderson and Steven Erikson.

                The six problems of the WWW series are interesting and it has three overall problems and each book is small enough not to be intimidating. I don’t know how he fit so much into three books. The blindness recovery, The emergence of the internet, and the emergence of a loving Skynet is the overall problem to the entire series because Calculus is trying to adjust to getting her sight for the first time while instructing overmind about how to treat humans, and solving internet problems. Each book has a problem. It goes through three years of high school and two years of community college then it talks about her getting a job in the internet field. I want more books but its tiresome to read. We need more books to know more about her work life. The first book shes trying to fit into a new school and life traveling between Japan and Canada week or month, I forget. Her relationship with her boyfriend is interesting because they never fight and she never thinks about fighting.  At the same time shes trying to tackle Canadian French and English. In the second year shes trying to get her boyfriend to be into video games for some reason its backwards compared to American society. She like the nearbyb DDR shop and plays an online computer game with an out of control AI no one can overcome and Overmind is afraid to do anything about the dumb AI. That’s an issue with the second book in the installment. Overmind is afraid to go public. In the third one she forgets about video games and worries about a public forum being taken down because of immaturity, racism and a suicide problem. That’s my only issue with this series is that it has all good stuff but one book has a suicide problem. Theres no violence in the rest of the series. She spends the third book trying to save the online forum and prepare for college. She takes college courses and works at a software engineering company in Japan while attending college in Canada. She wants to be a teacher but her boyfriend and the guy who gave her sight with her iPod. In the first year of college for her, they talk about a hacking problem with the school and hacker problems with school databases. They don’t go into detail, but they go into detail about how to protect the school database and government databases from hackers. The fifth book is about trying to get French to be the internet language instead of English and trying to teach American women because internet games and DDR are important. No fight breaks out, but you get to know the mind of a woman without having women in real life hate you for it. It doesn’t tell the mind of a man for some reason it just has Caclulass point of view her boyfriend is mentioned sometimes like in one of the books he learns to be a normal person by reading one sentence a day of the same sentence. I never heard of that. Before. The sixth book problem is that some random person on the internet gets a voice and pushes people to put trash on Venus and mars and Jupiter and Saturn to create moons for them and get rid of the earth’s trash problem. They go into a technical explanation that I don’t explain. The other problem is that she finds out she get stuck in school while having an actual career. Her ethics teacher makes her do a project on a problem he has which is a letter in English being created the wrong way and not knowing how to fix it. He’s preparing a new book talking about dota and league of legend issues I can’t wait to read it. WWW: Windwalk I think… it will be the seventh book in the series. I want witchdoctor to have better abilities he should do surgery instead of killing people with his ultimate. Also, I want Windwalk to show people how to learn math and economics from DOTA. It’s what that game teaches, I just don’t know how to learn it from the game because I know nothing about those subjects and I’m tired of reading.

Stacraft books pick up where  WWW series left off for some reason. Its scary actually. The newspaper reporter  Michael Liberty announces problems they have with society. Which is a college professor trying to get books not to be banned and those issues. I understand rick alittle more after reading that. They also do research into a student announcing a moon project and her name is cacullady for some reason. The planet Michael Liberty lives on is trying to come up with getting books read and getting a moon created in 26.000 years for the planet that protect their planet. There are three issues they deal with, trying to deal with the effects of gravitational pull on the mind from the new giant moon and an issue of debree from the giant planet hitting the settled planet when the giant moon collides with. The rest of the starcraft series deals with black issues. Learning to listen to different people in the community. Teachers, Parents, Commanding officers, and Employers, its starcraft the characters are controlled at home by everyone in those areas. And they have issues with their friends. They have one or two people on the Terran books but it covers five unique points of views. From one white person, one Asian person, and three black people. It took me awhile to realize this but starcraft terran books have dota and league of legends in it. Those books just call them Aeon of Strife and some other name. They are futuristic LOL games. Where you have a ton of buildings and need stray cats and dogs to lead you through alleyways and stuff. Also there is three terran books on the science of outer space archeology and whats that’s like and exploring outer space from a terran archeologist point of view.

Hyperion, The Fall, The Rise, and Endymion all talk about space exploration completely, transitioning Christianity into a spacefaring religion with a new prophet, internet issues of the present and future like dota and league of legend issues. It takes the position of four characters in the first book, 8 characters in the second book, 12 characters in the third book and 16 characters in the fourth book. And you don’t get any of them mixed up and you understand the overall tale. Anyway, League of legends and Dota are too popular in the media, I don’t know why those games are so popular. It also mentions Mario Zelda and Mortal Kombat issues. Theres an issue with driving in the book. Some person learns from Burnout: Takedown how to drive and they get in a car chase and avoid the military spikes for some reason. That game you could actually do that stuff. I just don’t know why they would have someone do that in those books in real life. They also have flying jellyfish. That doesn’t make sense to me. They have living off he land in Mars and renaming Earth to Endymion and renaming Venus once it turns green and blue to Hyperion.  They talk about a golden age on the earth where right before the prophet The internet was fixed and they talk about Aang’s story correctly. Not being in real life but influencing politics. All the creators on the earth started sharing ideas and talking about how to improve books, games, movies and everything. And someone found out that the bible calls the land earth that’s why they rename it Endymion. The only problem I dislike is three futuristic machines come and start killing people that hate video games and the internet and English for some reason. People start worshipping the machine and they just build a metal tree and hang dissenters on it. Also everyone on the earth creates computer models before they do anything after the reemergence of a science fiction Christian prophet. It also goes into detail about how to keep the internet from going down and how to keep books good and everything which is do computer models and release it three versions game developer version, military version and civilian version. They tried to get doctors to read but doctors in that book like being slaves to their jobs so do teachers for some reason. Lastly, it talks about how to get moons and planets for the inner solar system. Satellites for Venus and Mars and whatever other planets we want to create as humans..

Ender’s Game got announced to be changed recently, They want to do it like harry potter just with futuristic and present issues and have ender carry through like 20 years of life in short books like CS lewis’ books. They want to split the Laser Tag and other issues the books have. And re explain it. They also want to explain college, career life and get people proper jobs they want to get. And get rid of a lot of the grocery stores their book flared up society with. Those books got rid of pc cafes around the world and got a lot of people fired for going to college or high school. It’s illegal to not to go to high school I don’t know why people would get fired for going to high school. It made jobs want to bring back mentoring. Orson Scott Card just said he just wanted to tell a tale about cop and military problems in outerspace with laser tag. I just want him to cover it from a unique characters point of view with each book instead of doing ender the entire time and have more female books. Like the WWW series. It wants to talk about all the futuristic issues and not just video games. So many video games anyway that there is a problem.

The final books I want to talk about is red mars, red moon, dune and foundation series. I am having a hard time reading these books most of these books are problems that can go wrong with science. Red Moon is about the science of criminals and civilians being in space stations on the moon. I just think those stories are boring compared to the starcraft books they make criminal life and civilian life look better. I didn’t talk about all the starcraft books like mengsk and Nova. Nova talks about mental patient issues and how to solve them and how a ghost is made. Mengsk talks about subjects I don’t care about which is a king.

Things the books I don’t remember them talking about. Sending Trash to Jupiter and Saturn. I misplaced hunger games so I don’t feel like talking about it and its Video Games in real life which I don’t want.. Also a final issue that doesn’t come up is having computers hook people up for the betterment of man kind. I want to talk about how adromeda lost its blackhole  but it only makes sense to me. Which is getting power from a blackhole and white hole and then destroying it through the machine that gets power from it and other problems with that. Red mars also doesn’t talk about issues with communication. Also they don’t talk about my ideas about making a vocabulary for the dota gaming community or a online comic about dota professional history that I am trying to study art to produce.

Those are what I experience with these books that have came up with.

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