Things I use to aspire to or aspire to now

  1. Pilot
  2. American soldier
  3. Fireman
  4. dental hygienist
  5. online comic artist
  6. novelist
  7. game developer
  8. video game combat developer
  9. astronomer
  10. astronaut
  11. astrophysicist
  12. etymologist
  13. statistician for dota
  14. video game combat developer
  15. Storyboard artist (the one who creates the story board not the one who makes the noises and presents it)
  16. dota website owner
  17. Moba content creator
  18. Aerospace Engineer
  19. Archaeologist
  20. Automotive Engineer
  21. Editor
  22. Film Editor
  23. Illustrator
  24. Interviewer
  25. College Librarian
  26. Optometrist
  27. Screenwriter
  28. Set Designer
  29. Toy Designer for Hologram Stadiums
  30. Moon Designer
  31. Word Processor Specialist
  32. web developer i just have to learn algorithms

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