Things i want out of life

I wanted to be healed of my medicine problem. I have had a problem with medication since i was a toddler. A doctor named Mr. Fox who was jewish white guy (because i know another mr fox who is asian) i think made me take medication that took away my thoughts and made me calm. I don’t remember if i was angry or calm or both with this doctor. And I think he would medicate me for bringing my pet monkey to the doctors office which was a stuff animal. I feel he medicated me for showing robin my toy spider.

I want to date nellie but im scared. I don’t want to mess up my life even more and she doesn’t understand that she has a messed up life. She’s asking a poor person for money who makes less than $1000 dollars. and i have no money to take anyone on dates or time for that matter.

I just want people to do the right thing and have their family, friends, coworkers, managers, and associates come to the right conclusion like ross and Dr Bruno do. I don’t know what Dr Benkaltis going through

I don’t know how to get to know anyone in Howardcc without being in the game room and my classes fail even more when im in the game room. I’ve failed every year but 2008 and 2000.

I don’t know what i want to be its on

I want nellies father to give me advice about courting her. I just don’t how to read peoples bodies correctly. I know how to recognize them from afar or when their back is turned but i dont know when they

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