Making me a better reader.

I took Gabriel Ayine class a long time about Math and he taught me English and Math alongside Rick Leith in the same semester i remember. Anyway, What he taught me is that English and math is similar but now that i remember it I wish Peter would teach that also.

Because now that I think about what my fellow congregation member does is she makes acronyms out of English. I use word parts, because that is how i learned to make words.

Anyway, Read stands for dsylexia, drawing, eating, add, acronym and i dont know what else it stands for but now that i think about it. I feel if you take your time eating drawing doing addition and making acronym a certain way you will have an easier time reading.

Those three teachers teach the same thing but in three different ways. Gabriel teaches that its just adding and subtracting. Peter teaches its just taking your time. and rick teaches that its just taking time making a bunch a drafts and making your recent draft worse or better than your previous draft.

I just dont know if eating slowly will make a person a better reader or adjusting diet.

and im trying to get rick to teach with clay and legos but he wants to use kinects

also i lose my patience even more when i change my eating speed

I also don’t like having no direction while reading. And thats my problem it takes to long when you have direction and you learn nothing about the subject

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