Site Purpose

The purpose of this website is to communicate with myself and my supporters about what i want out of life and what i want out of my college career and what i feel about life and feel about different areas of life like medication, occupation, and any other area i feel like talking about.. It is also a demonstration for what i plan on putting on my main website.

I’m not trying to be taken serious for educational documentary I just want to write and get thoughts out and get my opinions and knowledge out in the open.

The only problem with this is my memory activates from visual stimuli so when i see an old paragraph I remember why i wrote it and what I wanted to talk about.. It’s a reason i don’t keep notes.

I forget when I get overloaded with thoughts and ideas. I can keep 20,000 words worth of scenes in my head and like 5 seperate or connected ideas at one time.

Another issue i have is that I don’t know how to show people how my ideas are connected or they’re just complianing for no reason. I cannot tell the difference.

I like writing so its also an avenue for producing healthy writing and getting ideas onto the page. It;s also meant as a rough draft for pruning of clay and ideas of wrooks.

I planned a couple of weeks out but i might write whatever i feel for that week and produce more content

“College musings” is for the college, “Writing” is to get out stress, “other websites” is to manage shortcuts. “all things art” is to practice art when i feel up to it.

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