New Plan

I am taking English 207 this semester. It’s a fine class but it is difficult. Last weekend I slept the entire weekend after completing an entire assignment. Reading and completing it was not difficult.

I don’t know what to be.

In 2008 I wanted to be a novelist. It takes till age 60 to be a novelist and you still don’t know what you’re doing. I don’t know why it takes so long when I get inaccurate instruction from everything about writing. and I get tired of feeling like I am wasting my life away in college. I don’t make enough to survive on my own in my town. It cost $8000 a month to live without a family or a room mate. and you still have to save up for furniture. It cost $4000 to $6000 with a roommate.

I wrote a 30000 word story. And after I couldn’t keep anymore scenes in my head I stopped writing. After that I started repeating scenes and changing what happened. For example, I changed the character Czar to Nicholas and made him call out coordinates differently. He used the same word instead of how I did it before.

I just don’t know how to do the math accurately. All the car costs come up to $1500 to $2000 for my mother. Rent is $1000 to $2000 for my mother. Gas and Electric is $3000 a month for her. Food cost $1500 a month total (eating out and eating in). It cost $15000 to live in Seattle and they have a water bill. We don’t have a water bill.

I understand why some people cannot have money. Because they buy merchandise that can have your house hacked virtually. Or they cannot drive a car properly.

I don’t know how people afford families in society

And my mind is not accepting instruction from statistics for some odd reason. I don’t know. I read the information, and I watch the video and I don’t know what i am doing. I try to take every math class and I have difficulty passing the class.

Other jobs I want are to be a game developer. But I know nothing about visual design or software development. I know how to maintain wordpress, but I don’t know how to maintain anything else.

I don’t even know how to maintain myself. I where cut out jeans to learn how to take my time putting my pants on and I forget to take my time some time. I need to learn to wash my hair everyday like my cousin told me.

I realized something about writing and everything. When you like a person or dislike them. You rebel against information or accept it a certain way. For example, when I was told someone elses way of reading. I only tried it but a couple days. I am trying to figure out how to sleep properly and how to read properly. I don’t know what to do about writing.

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